Equilibrium innovates and manages sustainability-driven real asset investment strategies and products for institutional investors.

Sustainability is the strategic long-term management of resources. We believe sustainability drives economic value, portfolio advantage and alpha returns and intentional positive impact on our environment and community. Each of our real assets investment strategies and portfolios builds on these macro-trends and economic advantages.

We build proprietary Equilibrium real asset strategies in three sectors: Agriculture and Food; Renewable Resources; Sustainable Real Estate

Our objective is to deliver institutional quality returns and sustainable alpha through our investment manager-operator portfolio teams. We construct teams to combine the asset management capability of sophisticated investment managers with the on-the-ground experience of world-class operators. We believe long term, the investment manager-operator teaming, in real assets, delivers both superior risk management and returns.
Equilibrium is organized around four functions:

• Innovate unique investment products
• Manage and operate portfolios of productive real assets
• Administer and structure our portfolio to deliver transparency and value
• Raise and scale capital from institutional investors

With offices in San Francisco, Portland, and London, we are able to serve our investors, globally.

Our Mission

Create and operate a market driven investment platform that catalyzes a significant part of the planet into sustainable prosperity.

Our Values

As investment managers, operators, and global citizens, our values are built on: long-term focus, transparency, and stewardship.
We; Sustainability at our core; Innovation; Excellence and execution over long periods of time; Community builders; Do the right thing. Please see our website for more on our values (http://eq-cap.com/equilibrium-mission/).

Open Positions

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